About Us

At VOICE, our team prides itself on its focus upon getting the most effective outcomes for its clients - both individuals and organisations.

We operate from a holistic framework that incorporates a supportive and caring client centred approach balanced with the understanding of real-world requirements.

The Senior Psychological Staff of VOICE have an extensive career history in the management and provision of psychological services and psycho-educational training to a wide range of public and private sectors.

All VOICE staff are fully qualified and registered with their respective health registration boards and professional associations.

Our Core Values

At VOICE our core values are the foundation from which we make decisions and take action.  Our core values include:

• VOICE allied health professionals are motivated by quality in all that we do.
• VOICE allied health professionals at all times demonstrate honesty and
ethical behaviour when working with clients.
• VOICE allied health professionals consistently treat our clients with respect and
• VOICE allied health professionals need to at all times successfully balance achieving
real world outcomes and results with meeting the needs of key stakeholders
(e.g. clients, customers, the community).

VOICE additionally prides itself upon complying with all relevant professional associations' ethical and legal standards.