Job Services Australia

VOICE – Psychologists & Allied Professionals provide psychological and allied health services to Job Services Australia (JSA) providers to assist both jobseekers and JSA staff.     

Specifically, VOICE is able to provide a wide range of assessments, interventions and training programs that will assist in achieving excellent employment outcomes.  

VOICE professionals possess significant expertise in the delivery of psychological and allied health services with jobseekers. Our JSA services are designed as short-term interventions that are effective in assisting jobseekers become work ready and achieve employment outcomes. The VOICE team understands first hand the unique barriers of the unemployed population, having assisted thousands of jobseekers across years of service provision to the Employment Services sector.  

All VOICE Psychologists are qualified, professionally registered, and are highly experienced within the Employment Services context. JSA services are provided across numerous Employment Services Areas (ESAs) in QLD and VIC and are delivered within a caring and supportive practice environment.

Outlined below are a range of psychological services that are specifically tailored to the Job Services Australia sector: 

Initial Clinical Assessments
Employment Consultants may find themselves wondering about aspects of a jobseeker’s presentation, skills and abilities, social history and/or work history. They might suspect that a jobseeker experiences significant challenges that need to be assessed by a mental health professional. A Clinical Assessment will provide important clarification regarding an individual’s psychological wellbeing and possible mental health barriers to employment, including identification of conditions such as depression, anxiety, psychotic illness, and/or drug and alcohol issues. A formal referral report based upon the initial clinical assessment is included that can be provided to JCAs and/or other JSA staff. The completion of referral reports additionally includes the treating psychologist liaising with other relevant third parties (i.e. GPs, allied health professionals) to obtain supporting information and documentation. 

Clinical Intervention/Treatment
Clinical interventions and treatments, such as counselling, are helpful to assist jobseekers who have been identified to have personal and/or psychological challenges that impact upon their ability to actually obtain work and/or sustain it. Individuals might be experiencing challenges such as Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol Use, Relationship Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Motivation, in addition to Grief and Loss Issues. Clinical treatment is based on a short-term intervention model that focuses upon achieving outcomes for the jobseeker. Career counselling can additionally be provided which incorporates and builds upon the results of Vocational Assessments. 

Case Conferencing for Staff with Challenging Clients
Engaging in regular case conferencing with a VOICE Psychologist provides Employment Consultants and other JSA staff with the opportunity to de-brief, learn new skills, and develop strategies to assist in working as effectively as possible with challenging jobseekers. 

Group Motivational & Vocational Programs (e.g. Green Light Program)
The Green Light Program is a 3-day intensive psychological-based program to assist in moving jobseekers with multiple barriers forward into the right employment. Often when individuals are unemployed they find themselves becoming stuck and/or feeling like they are always waiting at a Red Light. There may be a number of reasons why their ‘traffic light’ has not yet turned Green for them. GLP is aimed at any jobseeker who possesses multiple barriers to employment and who have not yet found a job. A GLP report is provided for each participant that outlines the jobseeker’s barriers and recommendations for effectively addressing these, including an individualised and realistic Job Search Plan that incorporates relevant Local Labour Market information. VOICE psychologists can additionally provide specific follow-up with JSA staff for each of the GLP participants, including strategies and assistance in how to most effectively address and work with the jobseeker’s barriers. 

Group Treatment Programs·        
·         Anger Management
·         Anxiety Management
·         Communication / Negotiation Skills
·         Depression Management
·         Enhancing Self-Esteem
·         Older & Bolder – Mature Age Jobseekers
·         Parents2Work – Returning to the Workforce 

Psychometric Testing & Assessments + Report
Psychometric testing and assessments can be completed to assist in determining a jobseeker’s ability to cope with the demands of employment options they are exploring, in addition to further study or training options. Assessments can be undertaken to determine the suitability of a jobseeker for participation in the JSA system versus consideration of other more appropriate options (i.e. reduced work capacity, DES, DSP). Assessment services available include: Intellectual, Ability/Aptitude, Literacy, Numeracy, Personality, Clinical, Vocational and Neuro-psychological. 

Vocational Assessment + Report
Vocational Assessments assist in assessing a jobseeker’s abilities and their best-fit job options in their local labour market area, and are helpful when a jobseeker is unsure of what type of work they want to do and/or lack awareness regarding their strengths and abilities. As an alternate option to standard Vocational Assessment testing batteries, the CMyPeople testing package can be utilised. VOICE psychologists have been formally trained and are officially recognised by Chandler Macleod as approved administrators of CMyPeople, and the use of the CMyPeople online testing package is subsidised by DEEWR.  

Other Services
·         Crisis Intervention for Jobseekers or JSA Staff
·         Liaison with Employers on-site
·         Psychological Post Placement Support (PPS) – To assist maintain Jobseekers in their job
·         Training & Professional Development for JSA Staff – Range of training packages available such as:
          o       Effectively Managing Stream 4 Clients
          o       Managing Clients with Mental Health Challenges
          o       Assisting Suicidal Clients
          o       Group Supervision and Debriefing for JSA Staff
          o       Assertiveness  Training
          o       Saying the “Hard Things”