Health Education & Training

VOICE allied health professionals are experts in the area of Health Education and Training. VOICE has a range of professional and informative seminars and workshops available to provide individuals with the guidance they need to enhance their health and wellbeing.  

Programs are facilitated by the relevant health professional who is tertiary qualified, professionally registered, possesses expertise in the topic area and experience in the delivery of programs to a range of corporate groups. 

Health Education & Training programs include:
·         Mental Health First Aid
·         Stress Management
·         Pain Management
·         Managing Health Issues in the Workplace
·         Quit Smoking Programs
·         Nutrition for Busy Workers
·         Fit for Work
·         General Health Seminars (i.e. women’s/men’s health, manual handling, ergonomics, lowering
          cholesterol, work/life balance, back care)

 Programs can be tailored towards specific employee groups and management levels.