Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The VOICE Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been designed to provide confidential support to employees who are experiencing personal problems that might be impacting on their ability to perform their job.  

Utilising our qualified and experienced Psychologists and Occupational Therapists, we aim to assist staff with short-term counselling, education about coping with health issues and/or providing a referral service to obtain appropriate ongoing support.  

Staff are able to access EAP for a variety of concerns including issues such as:
·         Debriefing following Incidents
·         Conflict Management
·         Drug & Alcohol Issues
·         Emotional Difficulties
·         Family & Relationships Concerns
·         Financial Challenges
·         Medical / Health Issues
·         Stress, Anxiety & Depression
·         Legal Issues (NB: Does not include legal advice)
·         Interpersonal Problems
·         Bereavement 

The implementation of an EAP by a company demonstrates a strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of their people. An effective EAP adds value by building more positive and productive relationships at work and is a key preventive strategy for workplace injuries and stress. As part of an EAP services package, Trauma Counselling and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing can be provided. Additionally, VOICE can assist in the development of company policies and procedures regarding EAP. 

The benefits of an EAP program include:
·         Improved management practices through access to professional assistance
·         Decreased unplanned absenteeism
·         Increased staff morale and staff retention
·         Reduced likelihood of compensation claims
·         Improved employee motivation
·         Increased employee commitment
·         Improved employee relations

Our EAP service offers confidential assessment and counselling service in off-site, confidential surrounds on a sessional basis. We are also available for on-site consultation when required. Benefits for employees and their families include:
·         Professional assistance with personal and work-related problems
·         Access to short-term, focussed interventions
·         Support to address issues that are interfering with workplace performance
·         Opportunity to discuss problems with an independent third party in a confidential environment

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing & Counselling
VOICE has extensive experience in the provision of counselling from a trauma perspective and possesses a crisis response team that can be ready to respond to a critical incident within 24 hours. Our psychologists have successfully managed a wide range of critical events such as the following:
·         Deaths of employees
·         Assault of employees
·         Employee associated fatalities
·         Workplace accidents
·         Threats to employees
·         Robberies
·         Staff involved in car accidents 

The standard key principles of a VOICE EAP include: 

-          VOICE team members are all professionally qualified psychologists who are registered with
their respective professional body. 

-          As part of employee care and benefits mix, EAPs are fully subsidised by the employer.  

-          The use of EAP services is completely voluntary in nature. 

Brief Intervention
-          EAP support is provided within a 3-5 session framework.
-          The amount of time approved for each employee in accessing the EAP needs to be confirmed by
the employer. 

-          Confidentiality is guaranteed. VOICE is completely independent of any employer and no
information about employees will be shared unless requested by the staff member directly. 

-          Bookings are confirmed within a 24 hour working day period. 

How Can Your Organisation Access EAP?
Simply call 1300 469 675 or email eap@alliedvoice.com.au to discuss what options are available for your company and its employees. 

EAP services are available during normal business hours and do not incorporate home visits. Employees accessing the EAP will book an appointment during work hours where the time and location of appointments will be negotiated between the employee and EAP provider. If an alternative time outside of work hours is required, this can be negotiated with the employee and EAP provider.