Clinical Psychology Services

VOICE Clinical Psychology Services include the following products, some of which are delivered in either individual or group format: 

·         Psychological Clinical Assessment
·         Psychological Intervention & Treatment (i.e. Counselling)
·         Psychological Testing (i.e. Intellectual Abilities) 

Our team is trained to deliver services across a range of therapeutic techniques. These include:

·         Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
·         Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
·         Occupational Therapy Solutions 

The VOICE psychology team includes Clinical, Counselling, Organisational and Neuro-Psychologists that specialise in the provision of counselling and intervention services to organisations, adults, couples, families, and children. We aim to offer a comprehensive service and our team members possess a wide range of expertise and experience within the following areas: 

·         Forensic Settings 
·         Private Clinics
·         Welfare Settings
·         Vocational Rehabilitation
·         Elite Sporting Organisations
·         Organisational Management
·         Mining and Heavy Industry
·         Hospitals
·         Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres
·         Child Behaviour Clinics

VOICE additionally possesses expertise in the provision of medico-legal reports relating to Psychological Clinical Assessment and Testing. The VOICE team are registered Medicare providers and Private Health Insurance rebates are available upon request. The VOICE team can assist individuals to effectively address a wide range of personal challenges and clinical issues including:


Anxiety Disorders Phobias
(i.e. heights, needles)
Stress Disorders
Sleep & Fatigue Management Pain Management Alcohol & Other Drug Dependencies Mood Disorders
Grief & Loss Issues Relationship Issues Parenting
Family Issues
Post-Traumatic Stress Symptomology
Personal Development
Confidence Difficulties Sexual Dysfunctional
Eating Disorders
Psychotic Disorders Anger Management Autism Spectrum Disorders Learning Disorders
Intellectual Impairments Assessments Suicidal or Homicidal Ideation & Risk Transgender Issues Gay & Lesbian Issues
Post-Natal Depression WorkCover & Comcare Interventions Neuro-Psychological Assessments Trauma Debriefing
Domestic Violence Support Weight Loss Health Challenges(i.e. diabetes, asthma) Life Transition(i.e. menopause, infertility)